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Black Rear Sets for KTM RC8 RC8 R
Black Rear Sets for KTM RC8 RC8 R
Silver Rear Sets for KTM RC8 RC8 R
Silver Rear Sets for KTM RC8 RC8 R

Motorcycle Rearsets for KTM RC8 2011 / RC8R 2011-2013

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  • Fit for KTM RC8/RC8R
  • CNC machined billet 6061 aluminium, then anodized surface for lasting wear. 3 colors available. Anodized finish to prevent from oxidizing and scratching
  • Deeply knurled foot pegs provide optimal grip
  • Adjustable positions to suit your riding style, let you get the maximum feeling of the driver
  • The shift and brake pedals with double stainless bearings for smooth movement without any wobbling
18 adjustable positions
1. 5mm Back 9mm Down
2. 5mm Back 1mm Up
3. 5mm Back 11mm
4. 15mm Back 1mm Up
5. 15mm Back 11mm Up
6. 25mm Back 11mm Up
7. 13.5mm Back 12mm Up
8. 13.5mm Back 22mm Up
9. 13.5mm Back 32mm Up
10. 23.5mm Back 22mm Up
11. 23.5mm Back 32mm Up
12. 23.5mm Back 32mm Up
13. 22.5mm Back 32.5mm Up
14. 22.5mm Back 42.5mm Up
15. 22.5mm Back 52.5mm Up
16. 32.5mm Back 42.5mm Up
17. 32.5mm Back 52.5mm Up
18. 42.5mm Back 52.5mm Up

Fit for

KTM RC8 2011
KTM RC8R 2011 - 2013