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Learn more about Electric Quick Shifter and Install it for Honda CB400X

Electronic fast platoon system also known as shift assist system, originally racing technology.It can greatly improve the shift speed without decreasing the engine speed.

On a motorcycle, frequent use of the clutch is required to shift gears, even after a period of proficient riding, shifting gears takes time and two steps.

With a quick shifter,Riders do not need to use clutch to move up, reduce the shift steps, prolong the service life of the clutch, can be switched back to the original device at any time.

It can shorten the shift time and increase the acceleration by two seconds within 100 kilometers, making the ride faster.

Reduce the feeling of frustration brought by constant gear change, make riding more smooth and soft, improve the comfort of riding process.

With the installation of a quick gear shift, there is no need to adjust the clutch and throttle before and after the shift, which makes the shift easier and the rider's attention will be more focused on the road conditions, improving driving safety.

there are 2 different types of quick shifters : monodirectional quick shifter and bidirectional quick shifter.

The Monodirectional quick Shifter can be installed on all motorcycles. It is only responsible for fast upshifts without clutches, but not fast downshifts without clutches.

 The Bidirectional quick shifter needs to match with electronic throttle this function,Because fast downshifting requires control of the ECU filler throttle to complete downshifting, the traditional cable throttle cannot be controlled by electronic throttle.

 Watch the video to learn installing Quick Shifter