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Exhaust System Pipe for Yamaha Dragstar / V Star XVS650 XVS400

   The exhaust system is one of the most critical parts of any motorcycle. It affects the way your motorcycle accelerates, sounds, and drives.

   Exhaust system releases the gasses generated from the motorcycle’s engine combustion chamber into the outside atmosphere.

   A straight pipe exhaust system is the most common type of motorcycle exhaust. There is only one header and one exhaust on this type of exhaust. The solitary pipe is the only source of gas discharged into the atmosphere from the engine chamber.

   Made of high strength stainless steel to ensure superior quality, it is corrosion resistant, durable and not easy to rust. it needs to be able to withstand the tremendous heat needed for bending the tube.

   The internal engine of a motorcycle creates a ton of heat. In that case, the exhaust system helps to remove the hot gasses making the engine cool.

   When choosing an exhaust system for a motorcycle, one should choose one that will help improve the performance of the motorcycle. For heavy motorcycles, an efficient exhaust system needs to be installed to ensure maximum performance of the motorcycle.